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    Japaneses’ thought on Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

    Japaneses/Koreans’ thought on a proposal to build a tunnel from Busan to Fukuoka

    Indonesians’ thought on govt on X-mas and New Year’s celebration ban

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  2. 😭 How poignant and meaningful! How great it is to watch this on the last day of this tough year. What strength it is to persist in doing what one knows is his honorable calling!

  3. Today is the last day of the year 2020… From tomorrow everyone will start a new life.. I want to wish y’all a Happy New Year…. May our Almighty God bless you all……
    Hope everyone will have a good life in the year 2021…

  4. God Bless this Baker and May he lives over a hundred years😉
    Thank You For All The Bread that You made 🙏🏼 I wish you stay healthy forever

  5. Young people and hard work. That was very interesting. Many young people are very hard workers and some see this like water and oil…don’t mix well. I hope young people take up baking. Don’t want to lose this.

  6. If someone puts in 50 years into a company, I hope they get a great retirement package. Especially for a bakery of that scale and magnitude (bakeries make $$$ by the way, the margins on pastries are HUGE). The master baker looks like he is probably well into his 70’s. Again, maybe he wants to continue working but man, that kind of loyalty and hard work (he was working 18 hour days for months a time he said) should absolutely be rewarded… Just my two cents.

  7. I hope that Mr. Kim will be remembered just as much as the founder of the place, because I can imagine that he is the heart and soul of the place right now and losing him will be like losing a family member.

  8. What I like most about Asian Boss is when they show ordinary people that we would see in our daily lives and show a different view of Asia. While the stereotype shows poverty in some Asian countries and geniuses kids in another, knowing more about the lives of simple people makes me feel like there are people like me out there and that we are never alone, we just don’t know much about the other’s lives. Thank you Asian Boss

  9. “It’s either this job or nothing. I’ve to work hard.”
    The ageing population of South Korea really needs to be taken care of. They are so hard working.

  10. Lovely. Asian Boss never fails to impress.
    (Can you feature Masterchef Australia contestant Reynold Poernomo next time?
    Hahaha, just kidding.= )
    Congratulations and thank you Asian Boss!
    Happy New Year to you and everyone behind your channel!
    Happy New Year to everyone else here!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing this cafes story! 😊 It looks amazing and I will definitely add it to my list of places to visit when I can get back to Korea.

  12. I so enjoy the example of Steve honoring & respecting his SK elders when nterviewing & documenting their history & perseverance. Life may not be easy for many and I see you Steve showing respect for humankind & how we all can be an example to do the same.

  13. Omg… I’d love to try these goodies! Looks like they are made with true love. Not like the bakeries I’ve been visiting here in the U.S. all filled with preservatives and crap, icing filled with chemicals you can’t even pronounce
    Filled with the usually plastic tasting icing. People making it that hate their jobs.

    Then you see this. How inspiring.

  14. Amazing story! Mr. Kim is an incredibly hardworking man. To commit to 53 years in baking is a testament of his dedication. It was sad to hear that his attempts to teach the next generation in his art didn’t go well. But I have faith his bakery will continue to thrive. “I just thought that I should do what I do, and with that ambition, I’ve stuck through with it.” Thank you for this great interview Asian Boss! I wish Mr. Kim all the best!

  15. Carbs and sugar create massive chronic inflammation in the body which leads to the immune system attacking its own cells. It is the cause of most mental illness due to neuronal calcification. It is the cause of diabetes. It is the cause of most metabollic diseases. Just wanted to put that out there. Enjoy your donuts.

  16. I just want to give him a big hug. He’s so sweet. When I move to Seoul sometime in 2021 I would like to go there. Everything looks amazing and delicious. I love Korean food.

  17. Wahh, this is amazing… When cases are no longer bad here, I will need to go to Seoul and visit. Kim ssi is a remarkable man, and this is a remarkable bakery. Thank you for sharing!

  18. This made me sad….The baker is incredible. Old school type of ethics, loyalty and mentality. The knowledge he possesses is immeasurable.
    Modern and western influenced societies are crumbling. Sadly people believe the western dream of breaking down family, traditions, old practices and methods, no faith and mass producing polluting factories. Yet the west seeks the Global South to find spirituality and themselves, while the Global South more and more moves towards their destructive ideals. We need to hold on to all that old knowledge we have. Pass it on. Reward it. Make it favourable for the youth to enter into. Favour it. Show how important, beautiful and strong it is. Show that its what makes us the amazing people we are. The west is coming to an end as we know it. A new age has already begun and it’s unstoppable. Thankfully.

  19. There aren’t many ‘real’ bakeries’ in South Korea where they make bread, most of the time it’s just packaged sweets imported from mass production factories. So nice to see it here.

  20. Wow thank you so much for sharing his story!
    The rich history behind this bakery and it’s connection to a past golden era was exciting to hear about. I hope they find someone as passionate and devoted before he leaves…

  21. I’m just glad to see locals able to support themselves and instead of relying on foreign aid. What goes around will eventually come around. Just was really annoyed with the fact that aliens (without sounding too racist); are trying to portray a good image by donating useless money or food. Hey, I am not ashamed to admit I am a proud racist and I don’t like seeing old people getting free handouts. They can afford food and this gentleman that opened a bakery is a role model. Anyone can do that easily with the equipment and gear at home. What irritates me is watching your other stupid video asking for handouts or freebies. Your government gives free vouchers to their citizens anyway.

  22. It’s so rare in nowadays to find someone working hard for so long time without any complain. Such a diligent role model. Thank you Asian Boss and greetings from Latvia!

  23. For food business, using machines is more efficient, but hand crafting often turns out being tastier. Sure it might not look 100% even or the same looking, but the taste is so much better. It’s no surprise that this bakery has been going on for decades now.

  24. I just cried at the end. I really miss being in 🇰🇷. I wish nothing but the best for this legendary bakery and the famed baker. His tireless resilience was so motivating.

    I wonder if his father was originally from North Korea (when it was greater Korea) as the video mentioned that he learned baking skills from a Japanese baker? This would be probable since that region was occupied by the Japanese.

    The history of the business alone was incredibly wonderful to learn and they are so wonderful to offer philanthropic connections to the community. I will definitely visit this bakery when I’m back in 🇰🇷.

    God bless, safe health, and thank you for continuing to produce wonderful content. ~Marsha

  25. This man embodies the scripture that says, Whatever you do, work from the heart as something done for the Lord and not for people. I find this quiet strength, character snd humility incredibly inspiring. Thank you for featuring this man’s story.

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