Working out and eating Healthy in San Juan La Union – This is where to work out in Elyu !!!

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  1. I like your lifestyle there in La Union, much healthier than the normal sitting in a bar complaining, maybe in 2022 I will go there, last time in PI was 2008 Manila, we were going to Koh Chang Thailand for a month every year

  2. Hi just wanted to say hi from Canada and my name is Steve I am married to a Filipina and you are the closest and the best vlogger near our place in bauang it has to be torn down from termites but when all this is over before I retire we want to rebuild later.also happy birthday to you and say hi to sal thanks for everything have a great day

  3. Many roosters by the gym😁 I wouldn’t put my water bottle near a pouring spout of a public water jug that could be touching someone else’s bottle 🤔

  4. Many pretty flowers in people’s yards driving around . looks nice.. Cool you can find some nice baked stuff and meats etc.. I would love to try making limoncello. Happy to see you can buy real marinara sauce 😁

  5. Mark another fantastic video. You have really made it so appealing to go work out in that beautiful gym anticipating lunch afterwords. Those sandwiches looked great! I also admire how you always compliment Cel on everything she does. You also are teaching us how to treat a woman with respect. Mark you are a class act!. I look forward to coming out to visit you two. Maybe in January when hopefully Covid is a thing of the past.

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