World’s Fastest Human Calculator From India Attempts To Break World Record On Camera

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  1. I don’t know why but people always tell me that they are bad a math but good at grammar
    But it’s the opposite for me I am good at math but my grammar is trash

  2. Interesting that Neelakantha had a head injury when he was young, but if my memory serves me well I recall that math prodigy and Unabomber Ted Kacyznski was also knocked up in the head as a baby. But I’m not really that surprised with Neelakantha’s talent because I find Indian people really good at maths. It’s like there’s a remnant of Ramanujan in each of them. My lovely surgeon friend is one. She’s really good in the maths and sciences.

  3. Because of his accent he would immediately be discriminated against and the fact that he is brown makes others that much more furious. His gift and how he’s using it makes me want to cry and I pray his journey leads him around the world both educating on mathematics but on re-educating ignorance!

    Love from Toronto!

  4. The news that Asian Boss was saved came a few days ago, so this feels kind of like Asian Boss keeping up with their awesome videos (it’s the first video I’ve watched since then). Good job, guys, thank you for what you bring us! Thumbs up!

  5. For me,I think kids from india are not scared of math.Their parents are just pressuring them to be engineers so they are afraid of being to fail in math

  6. Sick of people saying they don’t have talent. Yes you worked very hard but you also have an IQ of around 140+, and or a specific brain mapping, and that’s not your doing, it’s the genius you were granted. Most average people working diligently in a thousand years couldn’t do what he does, or others who do similar things or w/e – Although you should never underestimate your brain, you can achieve a lot more than you think with determination and much effort, without question, however, there are limits in regards to your hardware for these types of tasks.

  7. This guy needs to be a youtuber. He has a great personality and isnt boring. Plus he can reach millions Globally to stop mathphobia.

  8. The injury probably did something to his brain that allowed him to be able to undersrand more information faster especially that after the incident he was still engaged by his parents in doing problem solving activities. Just like the guy who became a pianist overnight. Except that his cognitive thinking was enhanced rather than his memory being ticked by the incident.

  9. I’m so happy Asian Boss is back ^^ And what a great story too– Neelakantha is really eloquent! He’s breaking the stereotype that math geniuses/geniuses in general are reclusive and antisocial with his bright personality. I really like that his motivation is to erase math phobia in kids. I wish this world would shine more light on smart and kind hearted people like him. Thankfully we have Asian Boss to do that! Keep up the great work! Fighting!

  10. I remember seeing a video about a man who was able to remember whole cities after seeing them ones and paint them to the smallest details, he had brain damage aswell.

  11. I mean they have their tricks they learned and mastered but them pointing to their heads with fingers like in the thumbnail picture is just for show and show only…

  12. It’s like a super hero movie story. He had a Head injury at 5 and he became good at maths. I had a Head injury at 5 and I only have a scar on my forehead 😅😅

  13. That day calculation( calender ) is a part of my syllabus for competitive exams and it takes 15 sec for me to do it but he is doing it in 3 sec😵😵

  14. Their are recorded documents about human doing/thinking 7-8 or even more thing than that at a particular point of time… Human mind is 🔥🔥