World’s Fastest Human Calculator From India Attempts To Break World Record On Camera

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  1. I don’t know why but people always tell me that they are bad a math but good at grammar
    But it’s the opposite for me I am good at math but my grammar is trash

  2. Interesting that Neelakantha had a head injury when he was young, but if my memory serves me well I recall that math prodigy and Unabomber Ted Kacyznski was also knocked up in the head as a baby. But I’m not really that surprised with Neelakantha’s talent because I find Indian people really good at maths. It’s like there’s a remnant of Ramanujan in each of them. My lovely surgeon friend is one. She’s really good in the maths and sciences.

  3. Because of his accent he would immediately be discriminated against and the fact that he is brown makes others that much more furious. His gift and how he’s using it makes me want to cry and I pray his journey leads him around the world both educating on mathematics but on re-educating ignorance!

    Love from Toronto!

  4. The news that Asian Boss was saved came a few days ago, so this feels kind of like Asian Boss keeping up with their awesome videos (it’s the first video I’ve watched since then). Good job, guys, thank you for what you bring us! Thumbs up!

  5. For me,I think kids from india are not scared of math.Their parents are just pressuring them to be engineers so they are afraid of being to fail in math

  6. Sick of people saying they don’t have talent. Yes you worked very hard but you also have an IQ of around 140+, and or a specific brain mapping, and that’s not your doing, it’s the genius you were granted. Most average people working diligently in a thousand years couldn’t do what he does, or others who do similar things or w/e – Although you should never underestimate your brain, you can achieve a lot more than you think with determination and much effort, without question, however, there are limits in regards to your hardware for these types of tasks.

  7. This guy needs to be a youtuber. He has a great personality and isnt boring. Plus he can reach millions Globally to stop mathphobia.

  8. The injury probably did something to his brain that allowed him to be able to undersrand more information faster especially that after the incident he was still engaged by his parents in doing problem solving activities. Just like the guy who became a pianist overnight. Except that his cognitive thinking was enhanced rather than his memory being ticked by the incident.

  9. I’m so happy Asian Boss is back ^^ And what a great story too– Neelakantha is really eloquent! He’s breaking the stereotype that math geniuses/geniuses in general are reclusive and antisocial with his bright personality. I really like that his motivation is to erase math phobia in kids. I wish this world would shine more light on smart and kind hearted people like him. Thankfully we have Asian Boss to do that! Keep up the great work! Fighting!

  10. I remember seeing a video about a man who was able to remember whole cities after seeing them ones and paint them to the smallest details, he had brain damage aswell.

  11. I mean they have their tricks they learned and mastered but them pointing to their heads with fingers like in the thumbnail picture is just for show and show only…

  12. It’s like a super hero movie story. He had a Head injury at 5 and he became good at maths. I had a Head injury at 5 and I only have a scar on my forehead 😅😅

  13. That day calculation( calender ) is a part of my syllabus for competitive exams and it takes 15 sec for me to do it but he is doing it in 3 sec😵😵

  14. Their are recorded documents about human doing/thinking 7-8 or even more thing than that at a particular point of time… Human mind is 🔥🔥

  15. Ppl who r interested in quick calculations should opt for abacus method of calculation (a course) or Vedic maths n also mid brain activation programs…quite popular among Indian kids these days.

  16. Omg how can he calculate so fast. I can’t even do small calculations properly and it takes a lot of time too( may be I can hold the record for slowest human calculator lol)…… I was really surprised between iam from india😅

  17. I know this is not related, but can you interview SK public on Bullying Issue this getting hot trending right now? Why the students in SK have Mob Mentality and Bullying issue? Thank you.

  18. As someone who loathed maths but now loves it, I can say that it becomes truly interesting once you release the pressure to be an immediate genius. Somewhere along the way people have twisted that innate mathematical curiosity in us to suffocating fear, and that’s what prevents us from appreciating it. It’s okay to be slow, so long as you are actually doing something.

  19. But wanted to know how he got that fast. How can he prove that his brain is same as us? Isn’t it that the brain injury modified his calculating brain at the cost of some other part of the brain?
    We wanted an doctor/neuro advise opinion here too

  20. Ngl I usually hate when this form of math is idolized, but god damn is my boy Bhanu’s enthusiasm just so infectious. Love what he’s trying to do with combatting math phobia at scale.

  21. His right math is everywhere we look. Everything has its own dimension things both nonliving and loving. Its essentially the code of life. Too bad im not into math that much

  22. This young man could change the way we view math. I never liked math myself, but as a neuroscience major in college I had to deal with it lol. If someone made math as fun as the wonder of the brain, it would have made my experience better lol.
    Excellent video Asian Boss! Btw, your content is getting better and better team! Well done😎

  23. I have high suspicions that this man has savant syndrome, a math savant, especially after his head injury as a child. This was so interesting, and very well made.

  24. He is fastest calculator (human being) living but in India we only give respect to Shakutala Devi the magician of mathematics, u can search her videos to find her calculation speed , no need to reveal . Faster than this guy .

  25. How many of u remember (especially Indians) the first fastest Human computer/calculator Shakuntala Devi, who is also an Indian 😍

  26. Wow wow wow wonderful. I’m extremely bad at maths but I’m still trying hard to overcome this problem and this video has made me more inspire to dig in this subject. Thank you Asian boss and your team for this amazing video

  27. 10:00 LMAO. Amazing! I Think if this chap spoke any other language other than Hindi he wouldn’t have been able to pull it off! (Except for the italians ;D)

  28. Do make sure to watch the whole ad without skipping…it helps increase the revenue of the channel so they can sustain and improve <3

  29. His story about brain injury is super relatable for me because I had a bad aneurysm as a child except I never had worries about math or problem solving just trouble reading or listening for a while. It sucked but it’s not at all evident anymore.

  30. Accident, brain injury, might have cognitive impairment, given puzzles to help recover…:becomes math genius. Has all the makings of a super hero movie. NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA MATH-MAN!!! 😂😂😂

  31. Foreigners seeing this video and believing all Indians are good at maths. No! Not all of us are good at maths. These people aren’t our representative. They are just few of us.
    Someone suffering from maths-phobia .

  32. I am just thankful that he is not my cousin.
    Jokes aside, thank you for this fun interview Asian Boss. Hoping to see more interviews like this.

  33. It’s almost everytime that when somebody comes up with psychic abilities, it’s related to some sort of head injury. The guy is doing a great job nevertheless.

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  35. The only thing im worried about is how almost NO ONE IS WEARING A MASK PROPERLY OR AT ALL, like especially when they’re taking to each other. sorry to be the one to say it, but literally no one’s talking about it and it’s worrying.

  36. feeling sad for his neighbour’s childrens 😂😂 their parents be like ‘dekh bhanu ko kya kya record todd raha hai aur tum log din rat mobile pe kuch toh sikho’

  37. Just to make foreign people clear of stereotypes about Indians that they are very very good at maths. There are many people who are actually good enough at maths but on the counterpart some don’t know the basic calculations involved in maths.
    Anyways thank you for appreciating us. You need not be good at maths to prove how good human you are.
    Peace ✌❣️

  38. This is amazing. It’s kind of like some people who went through near death experiences. They went through extraordinary things like meeting God, being able to absorb millions of information all at once, etc. I remember one person coming back to his body and eventually developed a mental upgrade kind of like Bhanu here. But that came at the cost of ocd. The man became a frequent hand washer. I think much is limited by the flesh. We will practically be little gods if we are saved through Christ.

  39. have you guys heard of “math rap”
    Bhanu: let me introduce myself

    this guy invented new rap style
    haha he is not aware of it yet 😂

  40. Damn. In the beginning, I thought it’s cool that there’s a guy who has that record and I totally believe that humans can be that quick at math, but when he started doing math on the street in front of all those people I was blown away

  41. Just because you can calculate fast, doesn’t mean that you are smart.
    Even as a 50 year old you can still practice calculating in your head, and become really fast.
    But you can’t practice to become more intelligent.

    It takes only a tiny number of neurons to make a neural network calculate, because it is not complex.

  42. its kinda weird you know most of the geniuses on math sometimes they have accident on their life that affecting their brain and the results is something like this, that means if we can manually unlease that potential that woudkl be great, but sadly we cant lmao, we doesnt know how to control our brain yet

  43. He is 21 ,am also 21 but still stuck in doing basic calculations. And I am like …why u guys are even casting this if the parents sees this they will be … why can’t you at least break the national record.

  44. Indians are really smart. I recommend them to use their mind for their own country. I have heard that India has developed a lot in last 5 years

  45. Only fools would consider this math.
    Most mathematicians abhor things like this.
    Mathematics is way more beautiful, interesting and deep than doing something a machine is specialized to do, computation.
    Mathematics is NOT about computation.
    Something all of my top math major friends agree on.
    If anything, that’s what the very early junior education focuses on and it dissuades a lot of potential math talents because it fails to present the true beauty of math.
    It’s extremely meaningless to do this kind of arithmetic speed race.
    Go solve the Millenium Prize Problems if you’re that good.
    Don’t waste time doing arithmetic, leave it for machines, unless you are content with being a machine.

  46. I guess you have or heard the latest news from US – math is racist and no longer 2+2=4. There is no longer right answer. The answer can be whatever We want it to be. Hahahah

  47. I like the goal of fighting math phobia, but I think his injury had contributed to the fact that he is able to do this. There are many stories of people with brain injuries getting better at certain things like language after waking up from a coma.

  48. The weekday thing is actually relatively easy to learn and to perform. I learned it from a book of former german mental calculation world record holder Dr. Dr. Gert Mittring. It’s a very interesting read, can highly recommend.

  49. I’m terrible at math, barely squeezed by high school precalc with a B- with a calculator.
    Can’t relate.
    It was interesting to hear people teach it and to try to learn but I hated my grades and inability to understand. Lol

  50. I’m a 60 year old Australian woman who is pretty hopeless at math. Some years ago my good friend showed me a YouTube video with a teacher using the blackboard teaching her students math. She was amazing, I could actually understand and wished I had had a wonderful teacher like her at school instead of extremely boring ones that I actually had. She was an older woman and she was Indian, just incredible. Maybe Indians have a natural talent. This young man is amazing

  51. The moment he broke is record I was like “ooh bhai op “!!! 🤯🤯🤯. We could feel the amazement at that moment . It’s always wonderful to watch one in a milestone like him . Well done,keep up the great 👍 work

  52. Next test should be with the help of neuralink by elon musk. The machine will just read what he thinks so that the physical limitation will be eliminated

  53. Not to discredit the guy, and I cannot do what he was doing, but I think the calendar thing is easy when you think about it. Ofcourse you still have to memorize certain dates and with his mental capacity, that is a piece of cake.

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  55. I just don’t like how part of this is being able to say the English numbers quickly which doesn’t have anything to do with doing mathematics.

  56. im struggled with indian accent but also ı x2 times struggled when he says “t” how u make that sound with ur tongue dude…

  57. Me after watching this – how can I get a head injury ?🙄but.. I already got one when I was a child but in my case it’s jst wrkd Opposite🥺

  58. I love maths….but i don’t get good marks in it….i don’t understand what should i take in class 11th…..i’am in 10th right now !

  59. This is only calculations. Maths is about logic. Calculations are a small part of Mathematics. And computers are much faster than Humans.
    We don’t need to type everything in a calculator. We can simply write a program which does whatever calculations you want like writing the table of a number. Even in a computer, it takes much longer to print the numbers on screen then doing the calculations.

    Also this competition doesn’t really test much. This only test you on speaking the table of a number and you are limited by your speaking speed, so this is not even a calculation competition but simply a vocal competition. There are better calculation competitions where people are tested on a variety of calculations with very large real and imaginary numbers where your vocal skills are not a limiting factor.

    Also, children study calendar tricks in 7th-8th class in mental ability. This tricks are easy to make if you understand the logic.
    Shakuntala Devi was a real human calculator.

  60. There are instances where during young age ..when met with an accident their brains become intelligent. I had one such friend who use to fail and he also had an accident..where he injured his head.. after he recovered and going to school..he excelled in all subjects and came first in class.

  61. I also had an accident with a speeding vehicle at 8 I picked up interest in sciences I still like biology glad I missed school for a few months I still love science and probably will pursue a field in microbiology, But cool to hear your story thank you Asian boss 🙂 (PS bout to enter 10th grade now)

  62. I think the fear his parents has his brain might affected poorly after the accident cause them to prepare for the worst and instead it train his brain to work faster 🤔

  63. Now i am convinced that the insta meme was right… That if you hurt your brain your brain would be capable of solving comples patterns and puzzles…

  64. I love this guy’s live for math. I’m indifferent to math, and not terrible at it, but it’s so fascinating to see how happy and energized it makes him

  65. i tried the challenge and i was able to do it 7 times in 15 seconds. as bhanu is 10 times faster than average human, does that mean im almost twice as fast?

  66. i did not hate maths but i just can’t find logic in math subject sometimes its just suppose this suppose that kuch bhi hoo raha hai gum phir ke answer laaoo

  67. Wait, how do the judges tell if he’s right? The calculators aren’t as fast? Do they just say “good job!” And give him the credit to any answer? I know I would if I was the judge. “Aaahhh, suuure! That’s the answer!” 🤪

  68. Btw I am watching this 2x speed… I read and totally understand what they’re saying.


  69. I disagree with him, sure math is learned, but he most definitely has a natural inclination to understand maths. I guess, living his whole life as himself and having no other perspective, he can’t see how unattainable skills like this would be for the average person. I really appreciate his wish to erase fright towards maths, though! 🙂 I would’ve needed some encouragement back in school… I wasn’t bad at maths, but I was held back by my belief that I was too stupid to really ever get /good/ at maths.

  70. Can anyone make a record to me, the most slow girl in math in the world?
    👁👄👁 Im think im genius to be the worse in math 😎✌💃💃💃

  71. If there was any company who claim that their car can make an accident just like what happened to him( I’m not making fun of it) people would actually get it done to their children to become like him

  72. I just back from this video when my mom was coming!!
    Now she is thinking that I was watching “other” type of video.
    You know what I mean, right..

  73. Savant syndrome is quite an interesting disorder. Probably one of the rarest disorders which makes an average human in to superhero after a head injury.

  74. If I have one minor critique, it’s that his talent is in superhuman arithmetic. I’m sure he’s good at more advanced math as well, but my point is that even if >99% of people can’t do mental arithmetic anywhere close to as fast as him… they can still do that part. Arithmetic is the easiest and first thing you have to learn in math so you can do everything else in math. It’s impressive and I appreciate his mission. But it does kind of come off as a party trick. His talent gets people’s attention, but showing children the cool stuff you can only do with math is what captures genuine interest. That’s what captured my interest in math, at least.

    Please note this is just my personal opinion. He has a great personality and is probably an excellent human being. He’s doing a great thing for the world and I hope he can get the right support to achieve that major goal.

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