You can’t keep a gypsy down. We Are Off Again, No Worries It All Worked Out. บ้านเชียง

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  1. The joy is in the journey, sometimes slower is better! Life is a highway, I want to drive it all night long… travels!

    7/11 Ham & Cheese sandwich otherwise known as red hot lava cheese & ham on toast. Burnt my mouth the first time I tried it in Thailand..

  2. We always put ice in our beer since we saw Lee Lin Chin – tv presenter in Aus – said the only way to drink Asian style beers in the tropics is with ice. And it’s summer here and Leo is super cheap from Aldi so ice it is !! Yummmmmm

  3. Looks like your with fabulous company there Chuck, i can’t wait to get back over there and have something similar with my wife’s family, its absolutely pelting down with rain here Chuck 12.30 am just watching your videos before going to bed so i can sleep well. 🙏🙏👍👍

  4. Chuck and the ladies, always a good thing. I pay attention when the food is ordered, always a good, balanced spread.
    Another great adventure in the making! You Rock!

  5. Chuck, you’ve probably answered this question more than once before, but are the Mafia ladies you travel with friends or relatives of your mother-in-law? Not that it matters either way but I certainly find them entertaining. Thanks

  6. Do you have a truck or an SUV Google it and you will see you did not have a truck Chuck LOL have a great day enjoy watching you every day I’ve traveled all around Thailand with you didn’t cost me a penny for gas or motels haha from kanchanaburi and the land of smiles have a blessed day Ed and Nan

  7. There’s no consistent phonetic spelling of thai words the way they phonetically spell them is not what I here. Like. You see Pad stir fry but to my ear phonetically its Pot. As in kow pot

  8. If anyone asks about Mafia – just tell them your Mother-in-law’s last name is FIA therefore Ma-Fia is her full name. (Like Ma (& Pa) Kettle in the old movies…..:) 🙂 🙂

  9. Hey Chuck, nice vid, you need to get with the “matching t shirts for a road trip” program, 555. Not sure why but it’s definitely a thing in Thailand, any insights? Thanks for the escapism, keep ’em coming.

  10. Good day Chuck & Paige !
    2 things I want to comment on.
    #1) How was that ” Cow Corn” aka feed corn? I guess you could make grits or hominny with it or even Masa to make corn tortillas.
    #2) I think got something that can make you plenty of money.
    7-11’s in Mexico, Philippines, & USA have those machines that make the ” ICEE” SLUSHIE.
    Find a way to make it work for Beer. In Cancun they had certain ones making Strawberry Margarita’s, Regular Margaritas and Pina Coladas.
    ( all with alcohol ) so they were super cold.
    Inagine having a ” Leo Slushie “, a ” Singha Slushie” or a ” “Chang Slushie ”
    In the Summer it would be Money in the Bank !!!!🍺🍺🍺🍹🍹

  11. Mafias are fun to be with. Those sensitive snowflakes just need to stop. Glad you put them in their place. And I bet the mafias are happy they go on the road trip with you. 😂

  12. Chuck some of the most enjoyable videos is you with Paige’s mother and friends. They always seem to have a fun time together and it looks like you enjoy their company.

  13. Its been a long ride amigo, I so hope this fakedema clears soon, Pfizer is now paying people to get infected so they can cure them…WHAT? You cannot move with out protection, yet they are looking to pay and infect people, to cure them?…Yea you get 1,200 bucks if you let them infect you… This is nuts. I wonder if they pay up if you don,t live. Our country the U.S.A. is being hollowed out by our own representatives. I wish you well Chuck.

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