“You Now Owe Me 1,000,000 Pesos for a New Car” – Gas Attendant Misadventure

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  1. No, medical mari-jaunee hasn’t been approved in the Philippines – that’s just what I look like when I wake up. It’s more fun in the Philippines!

  2. Yes i would have been upset to but thier is a solution so they could have worked it out but to say he needs to pay a million for a new car is b….sh.

  3. That guy was upset but being an ass.
    Sorry but after 14 years in the PH. I would have let out a huge sigh and said please get the manager down here.
    Explain the kid made a simple mistake (if possible as there are different nozzle standards around the world) and work it out with the manager to pump the crap out. Let’s face it, is the kid is going to try to loose his job on purpose?
    I learnt the “deal breath” long sigh technique years ago. It’s a survival of the mind in the PH 👍

  4. man I’ll be honest. I’ve had really really bad days that stretched into weeks, and some poor soul is either lazy in their job or just rude and I snapped at them, worse than this guy is doing. It’s not the right thing to do and I always regret it after. – WW

  5. Ned been there done that gas in my diesel truck some f’ing genius put a green end cover on the reg gas hose, I left the whole 30gallon mix in their back lot pulled around and filled up and left.

  6. Shit happen and everybody should take care it does not hit the fan! This car can be fixed, probably a 100+k job. The owner is telling bullshit. It will take some time and effort, cleaning the gas tank, all gas lines, fuelpump, etc. Telling a Filipino gas station attendant to be liable for 1.5 Mio. Pesos is laughable and does probably not impress him – they know how things “work” here! The foreigner is always the victim. How ever, you can try – Petron has most probably a lot of small written shit to present as soon you enter their property, if they are liable – I’m not sure. You will probably have to go to court with them (very risky – the chances are 30/70 against you, always here). Businesses here are usually not customer friendly and very reluctant when it comes to liablility cases. HOWEVER! As an EXPAT in the Philippines YOU KNOW, that ordinary staff is mostly sleepy, miserable trained and paid, have nothing but their daily shit in the head, having 3 jobs to survive, living next door to a karaoke shop, sleeping in a unconditioned room where 6-8 people should sleep, most probably hot like hell and with a leaking roof! You can’t trust these people, not because they are bad, no just because they strugle every day from one disaster to the next! How can you avoid such things? Simply stand beside the guy who should do the job and monitor every move like a hawk! In the Philippines YOU are responsible for all your stuff you have or do! Have you ever built a house in the Philippines? You will age at least 10+ years during a 1 year construction period. Most average Filipino have no senses for quality, reliablity, cleanliness, enviroment, style or beauty – his understanding of efficiency is “short cut” on the road and on the job, this is what matters for him! Diesel or gas . who cares? The owner of the vehicle! Capisce?

  7. Firstly you should always check what nozzle they use and ensure the meter is set at zero. Most attendants will alert you to this. I’m from England originally and we fill our own cars so I always double check here. Also what is the point in threatening the attendant about paying 1.5m, oh yeas sir will that be cash or check. Depending on the type of day you have had will usually affect your reaction. Get a hose pipe and suck out the fuel, pain in the arse but shit happens.

  8. Perspective is important. If it was someone like me, who can probably sort this on my own, I’d negotiate what we could do. Also, it may just be easier and a lot cheaper for the attendant to have you bumped if they feel threatened. People get killed for a lot less there.

  9. Being harsh isn’t going to help ask the attendant to get the owner see if they can pump or drain the tank n if possible get some free gas for your inconvienance if not blow the fuckin place up 😂😂😂😎

  10. He is lucky he told him and didnt try to save face and let.him try to drive off. It’s not the end of the world you can drain the tank…guy didnt obviously do on purpose we all make mistakes. I’d been more calm I like to think.

  11. Unfortunately in The Philippines many people are very poorly trained in jobs of importance this young person probably realised after the fact and was shitting him self, the owner of the car was being a total jerk yes Ned your 100% correct if he had just gone to the manager and told him if the sucked out the tank until they could not get any further petrol/diesel out and refilled his tank at their expense fine, put this dumb ass should have been keeping an eye on what was going on with his bucket of bolts, this is not just a third world problem I have drained many a fuel tank that customers have filled with the wrong pump outlet, Ned some of the diesel fuel out lets are small enough in size to go partly in to the filler neck on a petrol vehicle, thanks for sharing

  12. No matter how frustrating it might be, replacing the car for this kind of mistake is way over-stretching. Especially if the mistake is realized before the engine has been started. Dumb claim.

  13. If it happened to me I would ask to see his manager and figured out how to solve this problem. It is also possible that the video was setup to create empathy so that someone (the hoaxer) opened a “go fund me” to raise money for the “kid”,.. unfortunately we live in a world where we have to think of these options 🙁

  14. Probably was going to get sacked anyway if he kept making mistakes like that.
    Bloke whose tank he filled probably spent a the equivalent of a month of his wages filling his tank.
    No real problem just siphon the tank dry and fill it with the right juice. No need for a pump just a slow process.

  15. Putting diesel into a petrol will not damage the engine as diesel is a lubricant. Petrol in a Diesel engine will kill it. This guy is a fuck wit with no idea

  16. I like your first thought Ned, whilst it would be frustrating it is not a catastrophe yet as he has been made aware of the mistake prior to starting the vehicle up, so really it is an inconvenience. The young man is standing there taking it and trying to be polite but is probably worrying about keeping his job and yet the expat is telling him he could lose his employment and asking if he has the money to pay for his car? Kind of shaming, humiliating and bullying all in one. The expat needs to take a deep breath, keep his thoughts to himself and just ask okay what can we do to get this sorted? I have no doubt that there will be some mechanic that can come and drain the tank or whatever at modest cost which the Petron station will cover if he keeps calm and is nice about it and doesn’t shame everybody. Have some compassion for the poor kid, I would like to think that in that moment I would be more likely to comfort the young fellow who is already feeling bad about his error. That said I know things build up and the heat does not help but having been in similar situations myself in the Visayas I have always managed to remember that escalating situations or even just berating locals can end badly; better results come from being kind, forgiving and compassionate, everyone’s blood pressure stays low and my experience is Filipinos recognise if you have a good heart and from there they are very willing to assist. Remember to be kind to each other, you alluded to something Ned in this video when you said he may be the only breadwinner and that is that family is more important than material things. I thing the expat in the video has yet to fully adopt the cultural norms of the Philippines and this is evident when he starts making veiled threats that hark back to his birthplace where mishaps result in threats of lawsuits. Let it go mate!

  17. I would have told the kid to contact the manager or owner.. Even though it was the Dong’s first time, I’m sure at Petron it has happened before, and there is a remedy.. Have to be able to pump the fuel out, and refill with the right fuel.. Free of charge… He wasn’t that rough on the kid… It can be fixed…

  18. Arrogant ashole foreigner. Bad attitude. An error. It can be fixed. In Australia, same as US, different sized nozzles. Get it fixed…. human error…. move on. I feel sorry for the attendant. How much fuel went in? Role with it…… life always presents stupid problems.

  19. That guy was acting like a tough guy performing for his own camera. I wouldn’t be a calm person if this happened to me but this guy is just trying to lead a conversation for his video. I’d rather see how the situation was resolved.

  20. diesel into a petrol car isn’t going to hurt the engine at all (it just won’t run, or will konk out once it starts running on diesel. Petrol engines are comparatively low compression). Petrol into a diesel car on the other hand… that can cause major engine damage.

  21. It’s not fare to comment without knowing how the situation was resolved. Also facts are missing such as, was the attendant new, was the attendant trained? Also there is a degree of responsibility on the car owner to watch the attendant as I always do. At what point did the customer realize the wrong fuel was pumped into his car? So what was the out come?

  22. Lol..if that was America , the Attendant would laugh and give him the middle finger tell him to go f himself.. ..1,000,000 peso’s, My Ass lol. .. anyway threatening someone’s job over a mistake is a weak minded response. .. it’s just disel. Most Educated people know about insurance of they have a new car..it’s full coverage.. and yeah it’s inconvenient, but that’s life. .. ..I would be upset if that happened. .but treat it as a mistake.

  23. The Philippines are a 3rd world country. The First World consisted of the U.S., Western Europe and their allies. The Second World was the so-called Communist Bloc: the Soviet Union, China, Cuba and friends. The remaining nations, which aligned with neither group, were assigned to the Third World. The Third World has always had blurred lines.

  24. I did it once several years ago and nozzle size is different but it is do able however I only put about 2 gallons of diesel before I figured it out and than put 12 gallons of proper gasoline after it (or over it) bottom line…no harm done..but I was lucky

  25. A monumental inconvenience sure, but the foreigner must realize the social and cultural minefield he is treading through. The attendant is losing much pride by admitting making such a mistake. That job, plus any others he has, probably are supporting an extended family. The owner may have been trying to get the proper diameter nozzle for quite a while. “Out of stock, sir” is not just for ex-pats. During the “dreaded malady” many are not handling the stress well. What if the guy asked the gas station owner for help solving this problem before “police and insurance” gets involved? No one likes them. Give the guy an out? Pretty sure someone there knows a tow truck driver and auto mechanic. Chance to make a grateful friend or a publicly embarrassed enemy. Your choice. Sorry for the tome. Glad you and your family are well. Take care.

  26. Attempting to put myself in that position, I don’t really like the way the man conducted himself. The poor boy was there for his first day. I would have asked him if he had some friends that could bring some hoses and siphon the diesel out of my tank. If not, the next step is, can you call whomever is your superior and find out if someone can come and drain the tank or pull my vehicle to a safe place or to a mechanic where the tank could be dropped. Especially, if it’s a new vehicle the bolts will be fresh and the tank is not that difficult to drop. I am pretty positive I would have said, “That’s okay, it’s your first day and just don’t make that mistake again.”
    The realization that a diesel nozzle will fit into a gasoline spout is a bit shocking and quite ignorant.

  27. It happened to me ! i asked twice for unleaded and inside the fuel door it sys unleaded only and i caught them after @ 200 p of diesel .They called a guy who removed and replaced the fuel and in an hour i was on my way.. Always get out and watch them!!

  28. Dude was being a dick. Making threats does nothing to help a situation. Nobody deserves to be spoken to like that. I am sure that poor kids will go above and beyond to help this man get his tank drained. We all make mistakes, and when I fuck up at work and someone disrespects me , I won’t do shit to help that person out.

  29. I would ask for the manager or owner. Tell him he needs to get someone to drain the tank. I would not start the car or allow anyone else to. Basically the car would be sitting there until the tank was drained..

  30. To his credit, he didn’t raise his voice. But I would have pumped the fuel to my car myself. I realize attendants are low cost labor but get rid of those jobs already. Same for elevator operators. 🤪

  31. Harsch and very bad tone. Seems like the attendant admitted his mistake, therefore they didnt start the car, preventing damages. Easy fix. 100% was not intentional. + Attendant was polite, cooperative. If he were to deny it, would have caused real damage, and additional headache proving it. Insults never gets you closer to any solution. Dude here sounded like he thinks he is better cos he can afford 1 mill car vs poor local who cant even “fill well”. Dont be like that.

  32. I would like to think I would respond with a little humour. Until they told me they can’t help remove the gas. Then I may lose it a little.
    But, He hasn’t started the car.
    The attendant did admit to the mistake before gentleman started his car.
    So the situation can be handled at this point without damage and that’s the important thing.

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