YouTubers, Bloggers and “Influencers” Have to Register and Pay Taxes in the Philippines (??)

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  1. What if you are already paying taxes on earned online income to the IRS?
    Anyway with 60 subscribers I don’t earn a single red cent 😅

  2. I believe the original story also said, that the online business had to be making over 250,000php per year, before taxes would be collected.. Thanks Ned..

  3. I am a retired income tax auditor from the US. U are correct when you say you only need to file with your home country for earned income received from an online source in the case of a US citizen.

  4. I’m reminded every day how lucky I was to get out of Cebu and as for the “Crisis response team” are you referring to the van/ambulance with a military cot and a lawn chair in the back? , Please get out of Cebu, I lived there and it’s a waste of money and endless anxiety, think safety my fellow Americans! the juice ain’t worth the sqeeze when it comes to the Filipina, it’s not worth the risk that grows daily 😐

  5. applies to citizens and permanent residents of the PH. (including Grabdrivers and sellers on Lazada)… but does not apply to Tourists. tourists are neither citizens nor permanent-residents. most expat vloggers are here on a Tourist visa, whether it be for 30-day or 36-months is not relevant, they are still tourists.

    whether or not this applies to those vloggers with an SRRV remains to be seen. however i read the memorandum a few days ago and NOTHING in it specifies foreigners as it is addressed to Filipinos who are collecting or earning income online. the memorandum is simply stating that whether a Filipino earns money offline or online, either way it is taxable.

    as for foreigners paying income tax, those who are under a PH Work-Visa do get earning tax with-held, up to 30%, WHEN under a work-visa AND working for a FILIPINO EMPLOYER. meaning, that vloggers who are getting Adsense, which is NOT a Filipino Employer, are not required to have a work-visa since they are neither employing nor being employed by a Filipino employer. Further, people who vlog on Youtube are NOT employees of Youtube but at most are Adsense affiliates, located in the USA.

  6. Americans must claim any worldwide income on their US taxes. The BIR will give you credit for taxes due in the Philippines for the amount paid to the IRS concerning Philippines income. Philippines taxes are due for sales above P250k. Whether or not you are required to file in the Philippines for income below 250k, I don’t know. If you are required to file in the US then any income made here must be reported. AdSense, PayPal, etc reports to the IRS payments made so they aren’t stuck with the income tax liability…

  7. As a Tax Specialist who specializes with international taxation, you are correct. The IRS website has information for international taxation. Please refer to Pub 54, 901, and the IRS website. The double taxation rules applies per the Income Tax Treaty with me hanisms such as foreign earned income tax exclusion and foreign tax credit.

  8. If income is accrued in the Philippines, one pays taxes in the Philippines. One can get a credit for taxes paid depending on the DTAA between Philippines and your home country. I agree with the Philippine government to tax income of foreigners (on any visa) who derive income from Philippine sources, including vlogging. Enforcement, may be a different issue altogether.

  9. Tourist are not exempt

    For foreign nationals, residence is determined by the length and nature of an individual’s stay in the Philippines. An alien who comes to the Philippines for a definite purpose that is promptly accomplished is not deemed to be resident. However, if an alien makes his or her home temporarily in the Philippines because an extended stay may be necessary for the accomplishment of the alien’s purpose for coming to the Philippines, the alien becomes a resident even though it may be the alien’s intention at all times to return to the alien’s domicile abroad when the alien consummates or abandons the purpose of the stay in the Philippines. Aliens who reside in the Philippines with the intention to remain permanently are considered resident. Aliens who acquire residence in the Philippines remain residents until they depart with the intention of abandoning that residence.
    Nonresident aliens are classified as either engaged or not engaged in trade or business in the Philippines. A nonresident alien who stays in the Philippines for more than a total of 180 days during any calendar year is deemed to be engaged in trade or business in the Philippines; any other nonresident alien is deemed to be not engaged in trade or business in the Philippines.

    As a result, if an expatriate stays in the Philippines for more than 180 days in any calendar year, he or she is considered a nonresident alien engaged in business and taxed at the graduated rates of 5% to 32%, not only during the year that his or her stay in the Philippines exceeds the 180-day period, but also during the other years of assignment, even if such stay did not exceed 180 days (BIR Ruling DA-056-05).

  10. Idol Panu po yung mga PORNSITE na kumikita sa alam muna yung hubot hubad may tax sana din sila hahaha “guyz pa visit naman channel ko salamat prankzter here”
    #paShout-out next video

  11. It’s best to inquire to BIR directly, you will know officially whats your position in regards to taxes for online. You won’t pay taxes if your annual online income (not sure if it’s gross or net) is less than 250,000 pesos. But they say you still have to register. But personal inquiry won’t hurt.

  12. I work with CPA’S here in Philippines, Reekay’s statement is wrong. He will get fcked by BIR. People need to register. Everyone needs to register.

  13. Haha Google not sharing fairly or overpaying like they did in the past. The advertisers were getting a good screwing while Youtube did little but host the content. I bet very few bloggers on Youtube and not covered by the double tax agreement, will be earning over the 250k

  14. I wouldn’t take lightly that the democratically elected Dictator of the PI, Duterte, called an American sitting President, President Obama, a “Son of whore”. As their economy keeps getting worse, and no solid progress on Covid cases, and the average low wage Pinay facing starvation, Americans are likely to be targeted with malice. To think that any nations people can’t become irrational when pressed hard economically is naïve. Different culture, different mindsets, Americans beware.

  15. Don’t panic people the question on taxes was asked because there are rumours about some very famous vloggers and entertainers avoiding tax in both the Philippines and another country (USA) and the rumour is they are about to be prosecuted.

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